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Altin 117 Photo Angela Sterling_edited_e

filmmaker (director, DOP, camera operator, editor) and photographer


I have an undeniable passion for film, photography and arts.


Until 2007 I worked as principal dancer with Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. A top level career which took me travelling all around the world dancing on major stages for many years.

After finishing a successful career as a dancer I turned my attention to cinematography, which had already been my hobby since about 1995.


The nature of my previous profession being a top performer on stage gave me the exceptional value on storytelling with an artistic and creative approach. 

Cinematography for me involves a great deal of independent and intensive work, requiring initiative, self-motivation, a non-9-to5 mentality, the eye for detail, an aesthetic approach, good communication with people and a wide range of filmmaking skills. 

I am able to take on the responsibility of this position and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.

I am a fast editor, with a keen eye for creativity, detail and perfection. 


Today I create visual projects with video and photography including concept development.

I direct performances with multiple cameras like a TV set-up

I create films and photography for different mediums: social media, TV commercials, promos, virals, corporate films and short documentaries for online and other screenings. 

I can create productions from scratch, develop ideas and concepts, write scenarios, film, edit and deliver the final work to the desired medium. I can work on my own if the project allows (one-man-does-it-all), or can build a team according to the requirements.

For photography please visit my Instagram @altin.kaftira 

on Facebook as Altin Kaftira

on LinkedIn

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